Unknown Conditions
Unknown Conditions: Questions about Maleness
The LeRoy Neiman Center Gallery
05/08 - 05/29, 2015
Artists: Woomin Kim, Kyle Nilan, Eric S. Oresick

Eric S. Oresick (MFA 2015) collaborates with Woomin Kim (MFA 2015) and Kyle Nilan (MFA 2015), to frame an exhibition around questions of maleness. This exhibition acts as a proposition through which Nilan, Kim, and Oresick complicate maleness by highlighting, contradicting, accepting, and negating concepts in each other’s work. Maleness is a condition, like many, and while directly addressing maleness will provide a frame, this exhibition creates a unifying position: one’s relationship to the unknown.

Woomin Kim’s work can be understood as an unnerving exploration of knowing oneself through an examination of human material existence. Utilizing simple gestures, she is able to reveal deep concerns regarding our lives as producers and consumers. Tension envelopes Kim’s work, as one has the urge to position it as a foil to maleness.

Kyle Nilan’s output of drawings, prints, paintings, and sculptures have a meandering response to a male identity. The salon style display of his work mimics his studio in which art and artifact blend. Ranging from a drawing of wind chimes to a portrait of Hank Williams to his mother’s embroidered jean-jacket, an expansive showing of Nilan’s work connect nuances of masculinity.

Eric Oresick’s work addresses themes of alienation, mindfulness, and communication with objects, installations, and text. In this exhibition, caught in the thralls of the concept of maleness, a constellation of works including encased peanut butter, wooden blemishes, poems and cartoons, shape a tonality in relationship to his collaborators.

This exhibition hopes to create a productive tension that explores Maleness as a condition.

Woomin Kim: Erased Corner: The Leroy Neiman Center Gallery
5' x 2' x 7'
Graphite on wall, eraser shavings

Gray from Walking (textile)
7' diameter
Shoes, white thread, dust from street
Jan 2014 - Dec 2014

Gray from Walking (harvesting thread)

Kyle Nilan:
Drawings, Sketches, Notes, and Rulers
Dimensions Variable
Various Media
2013 - 2015

Sugaring Season (excerpt)
Dimensions Variable
Syrup, styrofoam plates, vitrine
2014 - 2015

Eric S. Oresick:

Unknown Condition: Peanut Butter
5" x 8" x 5"
Carrot, Peanut Butter, Resin

Unknown Condition: New Yorker Cartoon
12" x 18" x 0.5"
Digital print, MDF

Unknown Condition: Wooden Blemish
5" x 15" x 1"

Unknown Condition: Drawings
7" x 10" (3)